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Belinda is a creative business woman adapting to changes and learning new talents along the way. 

After owning and operating a very successful events company 'BM Events' for over 15 years she decided to move on to a new venture and open up 'BM Studios.'

Belinda completed multiple courses in makeup, styling and photography over the years to add to her portfolio giving her new business a cutting edge- offering make overs, photo shoots and 'tips and tricks in front of camera' as a one stop shop in her boutique studio in Paddington. 

Belinda has developed exceptional skills in front and behind the camera over the decades and her communication with clients and new talent is always professional and friendly which brings with it warmth, enthusiasm and a strong sense of style, sophistication and fun while still being a grounded down to earth single Mum.

BM studios can produce amazing new headshots for 'all ages and all walks of life'




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